My Toddler and I Sing... To Keep Each Other Sane

Post generously sponsored by Music Together Tri-Valley


There has been one consistent activity for the past 8 months (out of my child’s 19 month age) which has kept us both laughing, learning and communicating from the edge of tears (on certain days).


Since recognizing and accepting I was struggling with the transition into motherhood last year, I began researching healthy activities to enroll us in together.


There are a lot of options in Contra Costa County, but we ended up taking a free demo class at Music Together Tri Valley in the Summer of 2018.


We almost didn’t make the free Music Together Tri Valley demo class due to another sleepless night. At this point, 10 months in a row of awaking every 90 minutes due to colic / spit up / wet / hunger. Yes, we tried sleep training among a variety of approaches for more than 2 hours of sleep!


Since that first session, we have bonded and grown with the immersive type of music classes and zero judgement environment the teacher and other mothers exude.


Not only do we sing the Music Together songs in the morning as we watch the sun rise, we sing them in the car, in the backyard and most importantly...I start singing during meltdowns! Since meltdowns often occur in the car, the amount of peace the Music Together songs brings is worth every penny!


It’s incredible to watch your child actually calm down from some of the songs they can “sing”. Music Together teaches a variety of sounds and gestures which help make up the songs, so your child feels as though they’re singing right along with you!


Using the technique of gestures and sounds with songs, repetition (we have now been enrolled for 3 sessions) and me being fully engaged in class has taught us both to communicate better.


Each week, the teacher leads the class in almost constant rhythmic songs and sounds that children of all ages can participate in at some level. The classes have been a solid foundation and we will continue music into elementary school.


Although there are certainly days which still feel longer than others, we are thankful for Music Together Tri Valley and their musical passion and childhood development tools.


Although it may sound cliché; we do sing because we are happy but on some days, my toddler and I keep each other sane.


Beth Earl, Walnut Creek Mother



For more information about Music Together Tri Valley click here. To register for a free demo class click here.




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